11 February 2010

Intro to the Kitties

I have decided to make this solely a cat & animal blog, as I am going to start a new one for book reviews. So I need to introduce the two kitties that run our apartment. :)
First: Teddy, aka: TeddyCat, MeepMeep, SuperTed, Captain Pencil-Leg, and last, but not least "wide-load". Teddy is 13 years old and is a Ragamuffin. He isn't the sharpest crayon in the box, but we love him. His favorite activity is eating, followed by napping, and then perhaps eating some paper for a bit of variety. He talks a lot, usually at 6am while sitting on my chest. He also likes to try & groom Sophie, but she isn't sure how she feels about this, and someone usually ends up getting kicked in the face.

Sophie is our 2nd cat. She is a Ragdoll that we got from a rescue group in NJ. She was rescued by them from a high-kill shelter in PA after being abandoned in a field. She is a sweet little girl and I can't imagine how anyone could just dump her somewhere. Grrr... She was terrified of everything when we first brought her home, and spent most of her time hiding behind books in a shelf. But eventually we would see glimpses of her running into other rooms & exploring. A year and a half later, she is an affectionate, playful girl, who enjoys playing with her jingle toys, chasing her big brother, Teddy, napping on our bed, and picking all the good bits out of her kibble! She doesn't meow unless she is very upset or excited about something. Instead, she makes little chirping and purring noises. She still hides whenever anyone comes over, but she has made great progress! She is also known as Sophers, SopherDopher, Stouffers, Princess WiggleButt, and Puzzle face (to the tune by LadyGaGa) as she has little markings on her face that look like puzzle pieces.

I will try & post pictures of Sophie & Ted in a bit if blogger cooperates!

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