07 July 2011

Meow, Meow, MEOW!!

Poor Teddy went to the V-E-T yesterday to have his thyroid levels checked again, as on our last visit they still weren't great.  He had been crying for food again, so I knew something was going on.  His levels had been a 4, which was still high, but better, but today's check showed a 7!! That was back where he was when he started the medication.  Argh.  So he's on a slightly higher does, which he started last night.  As a possible side effect to the medication he meowed ALL LAST NIGHT!!  Poor guy...I know he is feeling icky, but it was driving us crazy!  I'm hoping that he can get used to the new dose and get back to his normal "conversations" with us!  He goes back in a month for another check up.  Sophie is enjoying the increased amounts of gushy fud that is being served because of Teddy's appetite, so she is happy with the situation!  Between the two of them, Sophers and Teddy are keeping Weruva in business :)

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Sparkle said...

Poor Teddy! I'm sending him lots of purrs - it sounds like he really feels yucky right now.