10 July 2011

Thank you, Sparkle, for the pawsome prize!

I had mom enter the "guess the birthday present" contest on  Sparkle's blog, and I was one of the lucky winners!! My prize came this week, and it was very three awsome catnip sardines in a tin!!  There was also a bookmark, which I tested for paper quality by chewing on the corner, and a pawtographed card!  I have even shared one of the toys with Sophie (because mom said I had to), and gave the bookmark to Mom. Thank you, Sparkle!!


Sparkle said...

Whoa Teddie, I didn't know those catnip fish were so potent - they turned your lasers on! I'm glad you are enjoying them, though!

Mr Puddy said...

Congratulation !!!! And that catnip fish look " Cool ", Have Fun my friend : )

OKcats said...

That was VERY nice of you to share your sardines with Sophie. I had some of those one time... I'll have to look for them! The catnip ball is really cool, but it's super easy to lose! Concats on your wins!!!

Your friend, Zoe

P.S. I guess Fuzzy can play with these if she wants, but she's not much into toys. I guess that's a bonus of having a 16 year old geezer sister!