10 June 2011

New Toy Suggestion??

Hi everyone...this is Teddy! Mom says that she will buy me a new toy to make up for putting a pineapple on my head, but I am very picky!  Do you have a toy you really like?  I want her to buy me something good, because the last thing she bought was an emery cat scratchy thing, and I HATED it.


OKcats said...

I am a fan of all toy mousies - I'm an easy to please girl! We hear that other cats are huge fans of the Cat Dancer, but our mom is too cheap to buy us one.

Your friend, Zoe

Sparkle said...

Neko Flies! They are pawsome! I think they are available in pet stores now, but you can look them up on Amazon to see what they're about.

Sarah K. said...

Thanks Sparkle!! Mom went & looked for Neko Flies on Amazon and ordered me one! She thinks the bugs are creepy, so I will probably leave one on her pillow for her to find! Zoe, we have a CatDancer and loved that to bits! Literally.