17 June 2011

PSA Repost!

Reposted from The Adventures of Space Paws-- Please pass along!
See this guy here playing in the pool? He's happy...he's 3 years old and 87 lbs. Yeah he's a big boy he's a pitbull. He's sweet as pie with people but he is dog aggressive. (though to note he came to us with a sister who he got along with smashingly until she was adopted) His owners can no longer care for him so we have been caring for him at my job. None of the local shelters or rescues we have come into contact with will take him. Our building is about to undergo a renovation and is due soon to be under construction so Rocky is desperate to find a place to go...whether it be a forever or halfway home. HE HAS TILL MONDAY 6/20! If Rocky cannot find a place to go his time will be up. So if you or anyone you know can possibly help you can contact us to inquire about Rocky!

East Shore Veterinary Hospital

50 North Main Street

Branford, CT 06405

(203) 488-1686

Let's get the cat and dog blogosphere working together to save this young dogs life! Feel free to re-post as many times as neccessary! Thank you!

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