03 June 2011

Teddy Thyroid Update!

Ted went to the v-e-t yesterday and had his thyroid re-checked.  It had been over 7, but now is down to 4.5, so the meds are working. Hooray!! So he will continue on his same dose, and then get re-checked in a month to see if the levels are lower or if we need to adjust.  He's great about taking his pill.  I stick it in a pill pocket & he scarfs it down!  The pill is just an added bonus to the treat--if it falls out he picks the pill up and eats it seperately.  Pics as soon as the camera cooperates!


Anonymous said...

Aww..poor Ted! We're glad his meds are working, but sad he has to keep going to the big bad vet. He looks like a real sweetie. All cat! We think he and Bob might get along just fine! They both have very rubbable tummies,that's for sure! Give his a tussle for us, ok? We're thinkin' about ya, buddy....feel better!

OKcats said...

Aren't Pill Pockets wonderful? I had a cat who would come running when he heard the bag - easiest time giving a cat meds in my life! And great news about Teddy's numbers! woohoo!

Sarah K. said...

Thanks for the Teddy love! Pill Pockets rock. We even use them to bribe the puppy during obedience class!